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The Diabetes Protocol Program offers a good practical and natural treatment to the management of your diabetes disease, may it be type 1 and type 2 diabetes.This book aims to open and share all the Diabetes Myths and wrong notion about the clinical profession studies that makes their patients just take in insulin injections as maintenance and without any way of preventing and controlling the disease from the source.
This program educates and let people learn exactly how medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies have deceived them. Most doctors will insist that the only way to help you with your diabetes is to get you into a drug treatment. But these drugs have harmful side effects and are always not safe, but the pharma companies know too well to hide this and sugar coat it in the media.
Sometimes they fail to treat the underlying cause of the issue and not with the right change that is needed, which involves a few changes in your diet and lifestyle. Diabetes Protocol Program is a guide to help the people who are diabetics on how to take care of their body and give it the right fuel, enzymes and protein to have the body function normally, this includes controlled and lower levels of glucose.

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